In ordinary BJ  all wagers must be made before the cards are seen, no raise, and in this Even Money game, players must make an ‘educated guess’ as to when to really Increase the BJ  bet to get ahead.  If they guess wrong, they lose (no bluffing here), and they leave the table.  In Multiplier Blackjack, the player wins, and plays longer and harder, with no increased risk,  just with a little luck on the bust. It is both good for the House and Player-friendly too – that is amazing. 

Multiplier Blackjack and Blackjack can thus be played on the same table, at the same time, the game is exciting, and BETTER  for the House and all players no matter the skill level - - even hardcore BJ players appreciate MBJ, especially when they collect a 4 to 1 pay after doubling.  Who wouldn’t?